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Leading French tissue brand, Popee, chooses SparkLayer to power B2B growth

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

March 7, 2022
Customer Success
Leading French tissue brand, Popee, chooses SparkLayer to power B2B growth




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B2B setup

Hybrid B2C & B2B

This month sees one of France’s leading eco-friendly tissue brands, Popee, launch their new B2B store on Shopify and SparkLayer!

Popee has an especially important mission and is looking to change the way toilet tissue is sourced, produced, and recycled within France all whilst raising awareness of the impact people can have simply by choosing more eco-friendly solutions.

All Popee’s raw materials are sourced and manufactured within France from recycled paper, require no chemical treatments, and very little packaging. It’s no surprise the brand has seen fantastic growth in recent years as customers opt for more sustainable household products.

Wrap and SparkLayer

The challenge

Popee had a growing customer base that were ordering directly from their Shopify website, however their B2B wholesale operation was lagging behind in the experience they were offering customers. Wholesale customers looking to place orders had to go via an in-house sales person who would then manually process the order and coordinate with them. Popee therefore needed a solution that would streamline their B2B operation and require less manual intervention.

Wrap and SparkLayer

The solution

With SparkLayer and Shopify, Popee were able to rapidly set up a B2B wholesale section to their online store, configure customer-specific pricing rules (such as pack sizing and tiered discounts), and greatly steamline the ordering experience. Wholesale customers can now order more easily, see their exact personalised pricing, and the Popee team have also saved time thanks to the self-service features SparkLayer offers.

See SparkLayer in action on Popee

SparkLayer has allowed us to create a powerful B2B store for our brand. The solution is well made and works very well for our needs. I would recommend SparkLayer without hesitation to anyone who wants to create a high-volume B2B store. - Pierre Weisselberg, Operations Lead

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If you’d like to learn more about how Popee are changing the way we buy toilet tissue, you can visit their website. To learn more about how SparkLayer works with Shopify, you can explore via the links below:

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