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Ideal for merchants looking to build their B2B operation


per transaction
+ £35 per month

  • Sales up to £15,000 p.m.
  • All features of SparkLayer
  • Support via email

For growing merchants with an established B2B operation


per transaction
+ £65 per month

  • Sales up to £35,000 p.m.
  • All features of SparkLayer
  • Onboarding support

For high-volume merchants with more customised B2B needs


per transaction
Capped at £1,000 per month

  • Sales above £40,000 p.m.
  • All features of SparkLayer
  • Fully scoped requirements
  • Implementation support

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per month

Based on monthly B2B revenue of

All plans include:

  • B2B customer-specific price lists
  • B2B custom ordering rules
  • Tiered pricing (e.g. buy 3, save 10%)
  • Quick-ordering
  • CSV import for large orders
  • Shopping lists for quick re-ordering
  • Order history and order tracking
  • Customer address book
  • ...and more!

Questions & Answers.

How does your pricing work?

We charge a monthly fee plus a small percentage of B2B revenue generated using SparkLayer. The monthly fee and percentage of revenue varies based on sales volumes and you can use our tool above to view our rates. For merchants that transact over £130,000 per month, we charge a flat rate of £1,000 per month. Please contact us and we can discuss how our fees work.

Does the pricing vary based on sales volume?

Yes! If you use the tool above, you can see how our fees work based on different sales volumes. We only bill for the B2B revenue SparkLayer generates each month and you'll get full visibility within your SparkLayer account.

How do I sign up and install SparkLayer?

The first step is to book a demo and we can run through how SparkLayer works.

If SparkLayer is right for you, you'll need to install the SparkLayer Connector on your eCommerce website (e.g. for Shopify, this will involve installing the SparkLayer Shopify App). Once you've installed this, our online onboarding process guides you through all the elements of installing SparkLayer on your website. This includes connecting to your Shopify store and the SparkLayer API, sending your B2B data, installing the SparkLayer Frontend, and completing a variety of 'launch checks'. Learn more

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 30-day trial period to test the features of SparkLayer. The free trial starts when you've installed SparkLayer on your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify). If you need your trial extended, please contact us.

Are there contracts or commitments?

There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. If you've signed up to SparkLayer via your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) you can close your account from within Shopify directly. Please refer to our help docs for more details.

What support do you have?

We have 24/7 support included and you can contact our technical team at any point from your account.

How do you charge me each month?

The SparkLayer charges can be found within the billing section of the SparkLayer Dashboard and you'll get a full breakdown of how your charges are calculated. For Shopify stores, you'll automatically be billed via Shopify each month via their own billing system. Learn more about billing.

What counts are revenue generated by SparkLayer?

Any successful transactions that are made via the SparkLayer frontend (i.e. the Quick-ordering system) will count towards revenue generated. SparkLayer does not count any other revenue sources (e.g. B2C orders, offline orders, orders via other systems).

Please note, all revenue calculations are based off gross sales figures.

Do cancelled and refunded orders count towards revenue generated?

In short, yes. Once an order is placed via SparkLayer, we aren't able to influence what happens next since refunds and cancellations may take place well after the original order is placed. We do understand errors can happen and, for orders without shipments that look unusual or outside of the usual pattern, we may offer credit for these.