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Fresh Clean Tees reach a new wholesale market using SparkLayer and Shopify Plus

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

July 11, 2022
Customer Success
Fresh Clean Tees reach a new wholesale market using SparkLayer and Shopify Plus


Fashion & Apparel


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B2B setup

Standalone B2B store

Started in 2015 by husband and wife duo Matthew and Melissa Parvis, Fresh Clean Tees set out to create quality men's basics to help men look good and feel great. With a no-frills approach, Fresh Clean Tees delivers comfortable, affordable, and stylish apparel to empower guys to look and feel their best.

We’re pleased to announce that this month sees the launch of their new B2B store on SparkLayer!


The challenge

Fresh Clean Tees had seen rapid growth over the last few years with their DTC operation and were looking to explore new ways to reach their wholesale customers. Already using Shopify Plus, they needed a solution that integrated seamlessly with their existing systems, was easy to manage by their team, and allowed key activities to be automated (such as wholesale account applications)

The solution also needed to allow volume-based pricing to be set against their product range to encourage wholesale customers to increase their order sizes.


The solution

In early 2022, Fresh Clean Tees implemented SparkLayer into their Shopify store and, within a short space of time, were able to enable a brand new B2B channel to accelerate their growth. With SparkLayer installed, their new wholesale store has now allowed:


With SparkLayer integrating seamlessly with Shopify, this has brought a number of other key improvements:

The SparkLayer platform provides a turnkey Shopify solution, granting the merchant an array of wholesale/bulk order functionality not available through the standard Shopify B2B channel. Using a cloned version of our Shopify theme, the SparkLayer team layered their wholesale-specific code into the purchasing interface, cart, and checkout of our Shopify theme, allowing Fresh Clean Tees to launch with no additional development work. SparkLayer provided 10-star support throughout the entire process. HIGHLY recommend. - Dan Silverman, Senior eCommerce Product Manager, Fresh Clean Tees

Visit the new Fresh Clean Tees Wholesale store or learn more about Fresh Clean Tees, their product range, and the story of their brand, click here.

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Chris Mattingly

Chris Mattingly

Co-Founder & CEO, SparkLayer

Chris is an experience eCommerce specialist, co-founding UK eCommerce agency blubolt in 2006. For over a decade, Chris helped build and oversee their proprietary platform and worked with some of the UK's fastest growing retailers. At SparkLayer, Chris oversees the product strategy and - when he's not playing peekaboo with his daughter - enjoys staying active with golf, tennis, climbing, and hiking to name a few!
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