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From manual to automated - how SafeStyle streamlined their B2B ordering with SparkLayer and Shopify

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

May 7, 2023
Customer Success
From manual to automated - how SafeStyle streamlined their B2B ordering with SparkLayer and Shopify




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B2B setup

Standalone B2B

SafeStyle is an Australian brand that creates stylish and safety-certified protective eyewear. Founded by Tim Lewis, who formerly owned his own plumbing business, he first had the idea for SafeStyle while looking for better-looking safety glasses for himself. After researching and developing an initial iteration of a product, he used his life savings to produce the first pair and started his journey selling them from his bedroom! Fast-forward four years, SafeStyle has sold over 500,000 pairs and is now stocked in over 500 retail stores.

In addition, SafeStyle also has a charity range and has donated over $150k to charity over the last few years. SafeStyle's future plans include expanding into global markets, partnering with more charities, and continuing to lead the eyewear industry in promoting the importance of wearing protective eyewear.


The challenge

SafeStyle's B2B ordering system had been overly manual, and they wanted to provide their customers with a more streamlined way to order products. To accomplish this, they upgraded to Shopify Plus, hoping that this platform would be a good fit. However, after examining the system, they found it to be too simplistic for their needs and not tailored to their specific B2B requirements. It became clear that they needed a solution that was specifically designed for B2B online sales, with features that could address the unique challenges faced by businesses in this sector, rather than a solution that was simply an extension of a D2C store with limited B2B functionality.

The solution

SafeStyle signed up with Sparklayer, implementing our software onto their dedicated Shopify store within hours, and immediately providing them and their trade customers with a brand new B2B eCommerce platform!

With SparkLayer installed, this enabled:


The results

With SparkLayer integrating seamlessly with SafeStyle's Shopify store, this has brought a number of other key benefits:


“SparkLayer has allowed us to streamline our B2B business by simplifying our ordering process. The platform has thoughtfully been designed around the B2B function and thus caters to specific demands of that channel and provides the necessary flexibility to tailor it to your business use-case. Based on extensive research and testing, it by far exceeds all other options on the market. We couldn’t be happier to have partnered with the team at SparkLayer. " ~ Tim Lewis, Managing Director, SafeStyle

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To learn more about SafeStyle, their product range, and the story of their brand, visit their website.

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