How it all started

SparkLayer was born out of a desire to make the B2B eCommerce experience simpler and more connected.

Our story.

Over the years, we've worked on many B2B eCommerce implementations. From fully custom builds using bespoke eCommerce platforms, to using third-party platforms and coming up with inventive ways to work around their limitations.

Ultimately we learned B2B merchants were just looking to solve one overarching problem; to provide an on-brand experience that makes it easy for wholesale customers to purchase products at the prices they've been promised. That's it. Make it easy.

Too often we've seen B2B solutions over-engineered with features and functions that aren't necessary, convoluted and complicated purchasing processes that put customers off, or systems that don't talk to each other and require inefficient duplication of effort.

SparkLayer was created to come up with a simple and elegant way to solve this and, importantly, to let B2B merchants use the systems they already have in place.

Our goal is to make B2B eCommerce more accessible for merchants, allowing them to keep their wholesale customers engaged and coming back!

Built upon solid foundations.

SparkLayer has a surprising pedigree that has its roots in an eCommerce platform called bluCommerce, built by UK-based eCommerce agency, blubolt. At its peak, bluCommerce powered such brands as Seasalt of Cornwall, Hush, Whittard of Chelsea, and Oliver Bonas and transacted over £300M per year. It was known as an extremely flexible platform that was able to scale as customers grew.

A much simplified version and solely focused on B2B, SparkLayer benefits from an impressive heritage and a tried-and-tested technical foundation to build and innovate upon.

The team behind it.

SparkLayer is run by a friendly bunch of eCommerce veterans from UK eCommerce agency, blubolt.