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SparkLayer launches Linnworks app enabling B2B ordering for Linnworks merchants on Shopify

Rhys Laval, Technical Director

August 2, 2021
SparkLayer launches Linnworks app enabling B2B ordering for Linnworks merchants on Shopify

We're pleased to announce our latest integration with eCommerce multi-channel platform, Linnworks.

Linnworks has built a reputation as one of the leading platorms on the market, letting you connect, manage, and automate your eCommerce operations across all your eCommerce channels.

The SparkLayer integration has been launched as an official Linnworks app and can be installed by any Linnworks merchant who also uses Shopify and Shopify Plus. The app works by connecting to the merchant's Linnworks account to access B2B product pricing that they upload; once the merchant has installed SparkLayer on their Shopify store, this B2B pricing will then display to customers when they sign in allowing them to place trade orders.

SparkLayer converts the frontend into a B2B ordering system

All successful orders are then sent from Shopify to Linnworks and managed via the existing workflows set up in Linnworks.

The release of our integration opens up opportunities for Linnworks merchants to enable powerful B2B eCommerce using SparkLayer and streamline their operations.

To learn more about how the integration works, you can explore our Linnworks guide or see our technical integration docs.

Rhys Laval

Rhys Laval

Co-Founder & CTO, SparkLayer

Rhys possesses extensive experience in eCommerce and SaaS-based products, including leading fast and agile teams implementing high-level software architecture. He holds a BSc Hons in Computer Science from the University of West of England. Outside of work, Rhys enjoys outdoor activities such as climbing, urban exploration, hiking, and traveling, in addition to taking care of his feline companion at home!
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