SparkLayer launches import tool that rapidly speeds up Shopify B2B implementations

Chris Mattingly, Co-founder

30th Sep, 2021
Product Update

Managing B2B-specific data such as price lists can be incredibly complex and it's not uncommon for B2B merchants to have custom price lists that span into the dozens, if not more. Customer-specific pricing is at the core of B2B eCommerce and we're pleased to announce the latest SparkLayer feature, the Price Import Tool.

One of SparkLayer's primary goals is to allow B2B merchants to connect directly with the sources of their data, typically within ERP, CRM, or PIM systems. We've recognised that complexities in how these backend systems are configured don't always make this straightforward and the Price Import Tool has been designed as an elegant solution to solve this.

How it works

Within the SparkLayer Dashboard, it's now possible to manually create price lists and to easily import price lists data into each one. Our video below shows how this works.

The Price Import Tool comes equipped with built-in validation, letting you know if a price list has been successfully imported or items that need to be remedied (e.g. missing data). Once the price lists have been set up and imported, it's quick to then assign these to customers and allow them to sign into your website and begin placing orders.

Speeding up implementation

With the Price Import Tool, the implementation time for SparkLayer on eCommerce platforms such as Shopify stores rapidly speeds up, with complete onboarding possible within less than a day. For merchants who are looking for a more automated integration with their backend system, this is still possible via the SparkLayer API. The Price Import Tool brings an additional benefit of giving merchants the option to test how SparkLayer works before undertaking a full integration.

To learn more about how the Price Import Tool works you can read our guide here or arrange a demo.

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