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  • How Sales Agent Ordering can empower your team
  • How you can build custom integrations via our API
Greenover Sports

We were searching for a Shopify B2B solution that was able to handle our complex business structure. SparkLayer easily transformed our website into a true wholesale experience for our customers.

Jono Beardsmore

eCommerce Manager, Greenover Sports

Trusted by hundreds of Shopify merchants incuding

How George & Willy brought self-service to their B2B customers with SparkLayer & Shopify

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

07th Apr, 2022
Customer Success




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B2B setup

Standalone B2B store

George & Willy makes unique display solutions and signage for creative homes and businesses around the world. This month sees the launch of their brand new B2B store, powered by Shopify Plus and SparkLayer!

Based in New Zealand, George & Willy have rapidly built a strong reputation on a simple premise: their passion for great signage. Signage is how a business introduces itself every day and George & Willy are focused on making that first impression count. With a fun and simple approach, they’re on a mission to create signage and displays to help creative brands do better business.

Robert Welch and SparkLayer

The challenge

Similar to a lot of companies managing their B2B operation, all B2B orders were being processed manually and involved back-and-forth emails that become an incredibly slow and strenuous process for both the George & Willy team and the customer.

With a growing customer base and increasing B2B enquiries, George & Willy set about creating a dedicated channel for their B2B customers to not only be informative but also subtle and refined in design.

Robert Welch and SparkLayer

The solution

Having tried and tested multiple B2B and wholesale apps through Shopify that lacked the capabilities they were after, they came across SparkLayer. Features such as tiered-price lists, B2B-specific payment methods, and frontend customisation ticked a lot of the boxes they were after.

Robert Welch and SparkLayer

Within weeks, and with the help of the SparkLayer team, George & Willy had created and deployed a beautiful, curated and automated B2B store on Shopify Plus.

As a creative business, we wanted to design a minimal yet functional store to capture our B2B audience. SparkLayer's powerful integration allowed us to build exactly this and create a store we are proud to display to our B2B customers. We would recommend SparkLayer to any business that wants to create a better experience for their B2B market. - Ari Besant, George & Willy

To see their new website in action, visit the George & Willy B2B store.

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