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Diesel-enthusiast brand, Diesel Life, launch their new B2B store using SparkLayer and Shopify

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

September 10, 2022
Customer Success
Diesel-enthusiast brand, Diesel Life, launch their new B2B store using SparkLayer and Shopify


Fashion & Apparel


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B2B setup

Standalone B2B store

Diesel Life, Inc. was started in 2010 by Ashley Feldkamp and Chris Gabaldon. The original team spent years traveling all over the country to attend every kind of diesel event out there. Here they met diesel drivers and their families, and listened to the things that were important to them and their lifestyle.

Today, Diesel Life exists to be the premiere apparel brand representing these truckers and diesel enthusiasts, and we’re pleased to announce the launch of their new B2B store on SparkLayer!


The challenge

After branching out from being a DTC-only brand into B2B, Diesel Life experienced rapid growth over the years and needed a powerful solution that would work well for their B2B customers. When their old platform, TradeGecko, was sunsetted they struggled to find a solution that would handle the many facets of their B2B operation, especially multiple customer groups and pricing tiers. They also needed a solution that would better integrate with their existing systems, Shopify and Quickbooks, versus their previous platform.

The solution

In mid- 2022, Diesel Life implemented SparkLayer into a dedicated Shopify store and were able to enable a brand new B2B channel to accelerate their growth. With SparkLayer installed, this has now allowed:


With SparkLayer integrating seamlessly with Shopify, this has brought a number of other key improvements:

The SparkLayer platform offers a powerful solution for our multifaceted B2B needs, whilst remaining separate from our DTC store. The support team has addressed our unique needs, offered customised solutions (including an increase to the standard Shopify line item order limit) and added features to our checkout process that make the end customer experience very user friendly. We greatly appreciate the SparkLayer team and their commitment to our continued success! ~ Laura M. Johnson, Director of Marketing & Sales

As diesel fans themselves, Diesel Life knows that diesel truck drivers have a unique sense of pride. That pride has driven them to create a unique company and they continue to strive to deliver fresh and exciting product offerings for their Diesel Life family. To learn more about Diesel Life, their product range, and the story of their brand, visit their website.

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