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Tech-mobility brand, Cosmo Connected, grow their B2B operation using SparkLayer and Shopify

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

September 14, 2022
Customer Success
Tech-mobility brand, Cosmo Connected, grow their B2B operation using SparkLayer and Shopify




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B2B setup

Hybrid B2C & B2B

Cosmo Connected is a French start-up founded in 2015 whose mission is to secure all people in mobility (users of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and scooters). Cosmo Connected has developed a unique technology, combining hardware and software that ensures visibility and security by supporting the urban commuter in mobility. Cosmo Connected aims to become the leader in connected safety in urban mobility, and to develop connected products and services that adapt to everyone's needs.

Now looking to grow their wholesale and B2B operation, we’re pleased to announce the launch of their new B2B store on Shopify and SparkLayer!


The challenge

Prior to using SparkLayer, Cosmo Connected were running a Drupal CMS with a combination of custom processes and tools, resulting in a lot of manual work for their B2B ordering process. They were also heavily reliant on technical developers to create and maintain their B2B systems. Cosmo Connected needed to find a more automated system that would allow them to centralise their B2C and B2C channels, lowering the amount of manual actions for their sales team, as well as enabling better analytics and reporting for their sales and management teams.


The solution

Cosmo Connected implemented SparkLayer onto their existing Shopify store with a hybrid B2C + B2B set up, allowing both retail and B2B customers to browse and place orders. With SparkLayer installed, this has now enabled some major benefits for their B2B channel:


With SparkLayer integrating seamlessly with Shopify, this has brought a number of other key improvements:

“The Sparklayer team has been very reactive to help us quickly build our new B2B system. Sparklayer is easy to install and it now saves us a lot of time so we can focus on growing our business. ! ~ Adrien Champenois, eCommerce Manager

To learn more about Cosmo Connected, their product range, and the story of their brand, visit their website.

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