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Good George Brewing launch their new Shopify B2B store with improved ways to empower their sales team

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

December 10, 2022
Customer Success
Good George Brewing launch their new Shopify B2B store with improved ways to empower their sales team


Food & Drink


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B2B setup

Hybrid B2C & B2B

Good George Brewing started in 2012 along with a rush of other breweries who opened around that time in New Zealand - the great wave of craft beer was coming! Fast forward to 2020 and Good George Brewing had exceeded expectations in growth… until the whole country was locked down during the Covid pandemic.

Overnight, Good George Brewing realised the power in setting up an online retail presence to sustain their operation and, post-Covid, a clear objective was born to apply the same online shopping principles to their wholesale customers.


The challenge

Prior to migrating to Shopify and SparkLayer, Good George Brewing had a very basic B2B online operation that was a side-product of the inventory management software they used internally, Cin7. Aside from being a native integration to the inventory management software, it had very few other benefits. The user experience was very poor, hard to navigate, and had no built-in capabilities to enhance the look and feel. Overall, the system was holding Good George Brewing back.

Key to their growth was enabling a system that would allow their customers to be easily onboarded and easy to use (to keep them coming back!)

The solution

With an existing Shopify store built and maintained by leading New Zealand Shopify Plus agency, Zyber, Good George Brewing implemented SparkLayer onto their existing setup, allowing a hybrid retail and wholesale experience under one roof.


With SparkLayer installed, this has now allowed:

With a tight integration with Klaviyo, they can in addition take steps to better understand their customers buying patterns before rolling out dedicated B2B email marketing and setting up automated flows.

The results

With SparkLayer integrating seamlessly with Shopify, this has brought a number of other key improvements:

“Sales Agent Ordering has been an incredible feature in showcasing this system to our customers, while also prompting an order during a sales call visit. Customers have enjoyed the ease of use, navigation, and experience of using our new online wholesale store!" ~ Ben Furmanski, Digital Marketing Manager, Good George Brewing

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To learn more about Good George Brewing, their product range, and the story of their brand, visit their website.

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