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SparkLayer launches B2B Company Users, allowing purchasing teams to easily collaborate

Rhys Laval, Technical Director

February 3, 2023
Product Updates
SparkLayer launches B2B Company Users, allowing purchasing teams to easily collaborate

At SparkLayer, we’re on a mission to make B2B ecommerce simpler by giving merchants powerful tools to help automate and scale their operation. Our latest major product update is another step towards this and one of our most popular requests: Company Users.

How Company Users works

Company Users is a brand new tool that’s designed to improve the B2B purchasing and account management flow within an organisation. Sometimes referred to as "B2B account management", it allows companies to create teams of users (i.e. Company Users) that can share specific actions within their account.

From placing orders and tracking their status, repeat ordering previous orders, through to creating shopping lists and sharing address books.

What sets the SparkLayer Company Users tool apart is how simple it is to use. Inline with our approach to make the B2B experience self-service, customers themselves can create their own teams right from within their My Account area. There’s no need to request the store owner to manage this on their behalf, the customers themselves have full control over the process.

Helping teams collaborate

One of the core benefits of Company Users is allowing greater transparency and collaboration. This is particularly important for companies that have multiple departments or locations and need to work closely together to manage their B2B purchasing process. With the ability to share account information and actions, teams can stay on the same page and make decisions more quickly.

Coming soon

Our launch of Company Users is just the first step in building upon easier ways to collaborate with team members. In the very near future, we’ll be extending this tool to allow permissions to be set against individual users. For example, a company may want to give one team member the ability to make purchases on behalf of the company, while another team member may only have access to view account information. This level of granularity will allow for better control and accountability within a company.

Explore more

Overall, Company Users is a big leap forward for companies looking to improve their B2B purchasing and account management processes. With its powerful team collaboration capabilities, this feature could help make a big impact on how B2B companies operate their online ordering.

If you're looking to streamline your company's purchasing process and improve collaboration, learn more about how Company Users work or request a demo here.

Rhys Laval

Rhys Laval

Co-Founder & CTO, SparkLayer

Rhys possesses extensive experience in eCommerce and SaaS-based products, including leading fast and agile teams implementing high-level software architecture. He holds a BSc Hons in Computer Science from the University of West of England. Outside of work, Rhys enjoys outdoor activities such as climbing, urban exploration, hiking, and traveling, in addition to taking care of his feline companion at home!
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