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A B2B Game-Changer - how Asmodee UK modernised their B2B eCommerce strategy with Shopify & SparkLayer

Alex Weston, Sales Director

November 3, 2023
Customer Success
A B2B Game-Changer - how Asmodee UK modernised their B2B eCommerce strategy with Shopify & SparkLayer




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B2B setup

Standalone B2B

Asmodee UK, operated by Esdevium Games Limited as part of the Asmodee Group which is owned by Embracer, is an established distributor in the board and card games industry. Asmodee UK supplies many of the UK’s favourite board game retailers with the latest and top-rated board and card games, such as Dobble, which has been ranked one of the bestselling games for several years in a row.

Asmodee UK is one of the biggest suppliers of physical games to the UK market supplying a range of National, online, and independent retailers. They stock an extensive range (6000+) of products.

Like many businesses Asmodee UK see the opportunity for reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction by trading through ecommerce facilities. A decision was made to build a new website on Shopify, which was completed in October 2021. One of the reasons for choosing Shopify’s scalable solution was the potential to use different apps alongside it to enhance their offering.

In the back-office, Asmodee UK uses SAPB1 to support O2C and P2P processes, SAPB1 is their source of truth and is integrated with a number supplementary systems including Shopify to provide a functionally rich architecture.

Shopify is predominantly a B2C platform and lacks the native depth of functionality B2B businesses require and we were delighted when the team chose SparkLayer to support their B2B store.

SparkLayer + Asmodee

The challenge

Asmodee UK experienced significant growth from in the last decade and needed to scale up its operations in order to meet this demand. Shopify were selected because it overcomes particular issues, however, in choosing Shopify it presented its own challenges to make the platform suitable for B2B. For example, pricing structures unique to trade, having parent/child accounts for companies, and the ability for customers to rapidly import their orders through a CSV file.

A solution was needed to overcome functionality deficiencies of Shopify’s simplistic approach to pricing and create a smooth buying experience for Asmodee UK’s customers.

SparkLayer + Asmodee

The solution

Asmodee UK implemented SparkLayer into a B2B Shopify store to replicate the pricing functionality of SAPB1 to efficiently generate orders via Shopify. With SparkLayer installed, this has now allowed:

SparkLayer + Asmodee

Overall the functionality fulfilled promises that had been made to customers for several years to be able to order in a more sophisticated way. Asmodee UK was historically on a legacy platform, where it had tried to make B2B work, but in the end decided to move to Shopify with SparkLayer. They praised the SparkLayer team for keeping the scope tight, whilst meeting customisation and integration work needed to fulfil the brief.

The results

With SparkLayer integrating seamlessly with Shopify, this has brought a number of other key improvements:

“Implementing SparkLayer meant we were able to prove the value of taking B2B online quickly to our internal stakeholders. It also meant that we have rapidly been able to provide a differentiated and improved customer experience for our customers. Keeping the scope focussed and tight, meant we could deliver the things which added the most impact, and the SparkLayer team really helped us to achieve this." ~ Sophie Redgell, Digital and Ecommerce Marketing Manager

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To learn more about Asmodee UK, their product range, and the story of their brand, visit their website.

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Alex Weston

Alex Weston

Sales Director, SparkLayer

Alex has spent the last 7 years in the eCommerce space, working for technologies from email marketing, to back-office operations, and now B2B eCommerce. Alex has worked with some of the top eCommerce brands globally across his time in the industry, and has forged many successful partnerships for the tech companies he’s worked for. At SparkLayer, Alex is responsible for the commercial strategy of the business. Outside of work, he spends his time out walking with his wife, and dog. He also enjoys watching Leicester City, and playing golf, running and spending time with family.
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