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  • Use your existing website for your B2B customers
  • Let your customers place and manage orders online
  • Rapid setup, get up and running in days (or less!)
  • Empower your sales team with sales agent ordering
  • Automate previously manual tasks, and much more!

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Brightpearl SparkLayer

Turn on B2B ordering with Brightpearl and Shopify.

SparkLayer connects to leading retail operations platform, Brightpearl, allowing you to bring B2B pricing and B2B ordering to your Shopify store.


Brightpearl & SparkLayer Integration


Brightpearl is a Retail Operations System (ROS) for retailers and wholesalers that’s built for rapid scale. Brightpearl’s mission is clear: automate the back office so merchants can get back time and grow fearlessly. Brightpearl’s ROS includes financial management, inventory and sale order management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfilment, warehouse and logistics.

The SparkLayer for Brightpearl integration is available for all Shopify merchants that already use Brightpearl and allows you to bring B2B pricing, B2B customer rules, and B2B ordering to your Shopify store. It works by using the native B2B features within Brightpearl and enhancing your Shopify store with a seamless ordering experience for your B2B customers.



Supported Platforms

Shopify, Shopify Plus, Custom

Supported Plans

Professional, Enterprise


Developed by SparkLayer

Key Benefits

Activate B2B ordering with your existing systems.

Once SparkLayer for Brightpearl is set up, you're Shopify store is ready to take B2B orders! You'll benefit from all the features of SparkLayer plus:

  • Show customer-specific B2B pricing
  • Configure tiered pricing (e.g. Buy 3, save 15%)
  • Set customer-specific rules (e.g. minimum order value)
  • Configure pack sizing rules for products
  • Import B2B orders into Brightpearl from Shopify
  • Enable order tracking for your B2B customers
Brightpearl integration
Thomas Nergaard, Head of IT at Db
Customer Feedback

"We needed a solution that could support our ambitious B2B growth plans and the combination of SparkLayer and Brightpearl has done exactly that. There have been huge time-savings across the business as we’re now able to automate activities we were previously doing manually. The feedback from our B2B customers has been really positive, and they can now enjoy a faster, more feature-rich ordering experience and get to better experience our brand." Read their story

Thomas Nergaard

Head of IT, Db
Brightpearl integration
How it works

Get your integration up and running in minutes!

To get started, all you need to do is install the official SparkLayer for Brightpearl app and then configure B2B pricing and customer rules in your existing Brightpearl account. Our integration guide walks through how this process works:

  • No coding required
  • Use your existing Brightpearl to Shopify integration
  • Use the native Brightpearl B2B features such as price lists
  • Manage B2B customer groups within Brightpearl
  • Automatically import B2B orders from Shopify