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1,500+ brands are using us to grow their online B2B.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way your B2B customers order from you from just $49 per month?

  • Use your existing website for your B2B customers
  • Let your customers place and manage orders online
  • Rapid setup, get up and running in days (or less!)
  • Empower your sales team with sales agent ordering
  • Automate previously manual tasks, and much more!

Trusted by 1,500+ brands including


🚀 Let's begin your B2B transformation.

In your live demo, we'll go through your current B2B challenges, how we've helped brands like you, and run through some of SparkLayer's main features relevant to you.

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Turn your website into a powerful B2B solution.

SparkLayer makes it easy to turn your existing online store into a fully featured B2B solution. It lets your customers place and manage B2B orders online and a lot more.

And the best part? Say goodbye to previously time-consuming and manual tasks. Give your B2B customers a fully automated, self-service ordering experience that keeps them coming back!

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Try it free for 14 days. Plans start from $49 per month. Cancel anytime.

How SparkLayer works in 4 steps.

  • Install the widgets

    The SparkLayer widgets convert your existing eCommerce store into a B2B ordering portal.

  • Set up your B2B data

    Easily manage your B2B data such as customer-specific pricing rules and payment methods.

  • Invite your B2B customers

    Your B2B customers can login, see their specific pricing, place orders, manage their account, and more.

  • Automate & save time!

    Orders are synchronised between SparkLayer and your store and even your backend systems (e.g. ERP).

SparkLayer Frontend SparkLayer Frontend SparkLayer Frontend SparkLayer Frontend SparkLayer Frontend SparkLayer Frontend

It's time to level up your B2B experience.

Join 1,500+ brands trusting SparkLayer to grow their B2B operation.

The SparkLayer Frontend

Activate the B2B frontend.

SparkLayer comes with a ready-made B2B-optimised frontend that feels like a true extension of your online store experience. You can fully-brand it and do away with having to build and maintain complex B2B-specific functionality or needing to create a whole new store! It's super easy to setup and works with leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

  • 100+ B2B features out of the box
  • Officially authorised 5-star Shopify app for easy setup
  • Retain your stores existing look and feel
  • Run both DTC (retail) and B2B on the same store
  • Rapid to set up, just a few lines of code
  • Customise extensively to suit your branding
  • Zero impact on speed & performance
  • No ongoing maintenance required
See how installation works
Connect your systems to the SparkLayer API
The SparkLayer Backend

Setup your B2B data.

With SparkLayer, you can safely and securely setup your B2B data; from configuring your B2B pricing and payment methods, to setting ordering rules for your customers (e.g. minimum order spend). You can use our powerful built-in price engine, use one of our ready-made integrations to connect to your systems (e.g. ERP or CRM) or build your own via the SparkLayer API. Once you're done, you're ready to let customers place B2B orders!

  • Rapidly create B2B pricing and B2B customer rules
  • Set B2B pricing automations, e.g. 50% off retail prices
  • Configure settings such as pack sizing and quantity pricing
  • Connect with major systems such as Brightpearl, Patchworks, Katana, Unleashed, and Linnworks
  • Integrate with any backend system with our API
  • Safe and secure with an industry leading infrastructure
See how SparkLayer connects

The fast & easy way to enable B2B eCommerce.

Take a quick look and see how seamlessly SparkLayer's B2B features can fit into your existing website.

Customer success stories.

See how fast-growing brands use SparkLayer to grow and automate their B2B businesses.

Self-Service Features

An experience your customers will love.

When you're ready to launch, SparkLayer lets your customers sign into your website and then begin placing B2B orders. If you were managing this process manually, get ready to be amazed! The SparkLayer Frontend has over 100 powerful features to making B2B ordering a breeze, including:

  • Customer-specific pricing & pack sizes

    Customer-specific pricing & pack sizes

    Configure pricing rules on a per-customer basis with support for price lists, pack sizing, minimum and maximum order quantities, and more.

    Learn more
  • My account area with order history

    My account area with order history

    Customers can keep track of all their orders, see real-time order status updates, and download invoices.

    Learn more
  • Quick-ordering and shopping cart

    Quick-ordering and shopping cart

    Customers can easily search by product code, update quantities, and checkout using saved addresses and agreed payment terms e.g. pay on credit.

    Learn more
  • Sales agent ordering

    Sales agent ordering

    Enable sales agents that have the ability to place orders on behalf of certain B2B customers as well as process offline orders e.g. phone orders.

  • Request a Quote

    Request a Quote

    Give you customers the option to submit orders as quotes, allowing you to edit them before fully processing.

    Learn more
  • Fast re-ordering

    Payment methods

    Enable payment methods for specific customers including Pay by Invoice, Pay by Card, and even Buy Now Pay Later with our partners such as Balance.

    Learn more
  • Tiered price-breaks

    Quantity price-breaks

    Display price-breaks clearly to your customers, letting them gain savings based on the quantity of products they purchase.

    Learn more
  • Minimum order quanties

    Import orders quickly via CSV

    Customers can easily import entire orders via a CSV file and populate their order contents.

    Learn more
  • Fast re-ordering

    Fast re-ordering

    Customers can duplicate previous orders in a single click, making re-ordering quick and easy.

    Learn more
  • Shopping lists and saved orders

    Shopping lists and saved orders

    Customers can easily save their favourite products to shopping lists and quickly re-order from these within a few clicks.

    Learn more
  • MCustomer access priveleges

    Company Users

    Allow B2B companies to create "teams" to share activities such as placing orders, creating shopping lists, and more.

    Learn more
  • Fast re-ordering

    Configure pre-orders and backorders

    Easily set inventory to be on pre-order or backorder and even set custom "shipping dates" to give visibility to customers.

    Learn more

How SparkLayer & Shopify go hand-in-hand.

With SparkLayer set up on your Shopify store, you can bring a world-class experience to your B2B customers. Best of all, SparkLayer works with all Shopify plans. See how they compare below.

B2B Features

What B2B merchants need


Standard functionality

Shopify Plus

"B2B on Shopify"

Shopify + SparkLayer

When combined together
Pricing (Price lists, discounts, pricing rules)

Product-specific pricing

Ability to set custom pricing for product SKUs and to vary these across customers

Percentage price adjustments

Ability to set percentage discount rules against products and to vary this across customers

Customer-specific % discounts

Ability to set customer-specific percentage discounts that apply on top of price lists

Multiple price lists

Ability to set multiple price lists against a customer and for the lowest price to win

Multi-currency pricing

Ability to set price lists up for different currencies, e.g. USD, EUR, GBP

Tiered quantity pricing

Handling for quantity price-breaks (e.g. buy 3, save 10%) on parent and variant level

Pack sizing and unit quantities

Configuration of product pack sizes, minimum and maximum order quantities

Display pricing as NET

Ability to specify and display all pricing to B2B customers as net pricing (versus gross)

Product-specific discounts

Ability to set additional discounts that apply on top of price lists
Customers (Self-service, payments, configurations)

Shopping lists

Ability for customers to create custom shopping lists to quickly populate orders

Quick ordering

Ability for customers to rapidly populate an order from collection and product detail pages

Quick re-ordering

Ability for customers to track orders, re-order quickly from previously placed orders

Credit and balance management

Ability to set credit limits against customers and display live balances

CSV order importing

Ability for customers rapidly import an order via a CSV file

Order history and tracking

Ability for customers to see their order history and live shipping tracking

Address book management

Ability for merchants to configure whether or not specific customers can edit addresses

Customer-specific payment methods

Ability to set specific payment methods on a per-customer basis versus at a company-wide level.

B2B-only products

Ability to configure which products B2B customers see when logged in

B2C stock reservation

Ability to reserve stock for B2C customers if using a hybrid B2C & B2B store

Rapid multi-product ordering

Ability to add multiple SKUs and quantities to an order in 1-click

Company profiles

Ability to assign customers to a company and configure their shipping & billing locations
Orders (Payment types, shipping, configurations)

Payment by invoice terms

Flexibility to set payment terms against a customer (e.g. net 15, net 30, net 60)

Payment on account

Ability to allow customers to place orders on account, using their live credit balance

Request for Quote

Ability to allow customers to place orders as quotes that can then be editted

Order total rules

Ability to configure minimum and maximum order totals before placing an order

B2B-specific shipping rules

Ability to configure specific shipping rules for B2B customers on a hybrid B2C & B2B store

Order flow

Orders placed by B2B customers can optionally be routed as draft orders or completed orders within Shopify
Sales Agent Ordering

Login as a customer

Ability to login as a customer to manage their account.

Place orders as a customer

Ability to place orders on behalf of a customer at their B2B prices.

Manage shopping lists

Ability to manage shopping lsits on behalf of a customer and save their favourites.
Store setup (Configuration)

Combine with B2C

Allow B2C and B2B to be managed and run from a single Shopify store

Ready-made frontend widgets

B2B ordering interface that can be enabled rapidly via code snippets

Low maintenance cost

Ready-made widgets and components that don't require custom development

Full customisation of frontend experience

Customise and configure Shopify store and build a bespoke experience

Optimised for mobile and tablet

Frontend experience fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices
Advanced tools (Sales Agents, reporting, integrations)

Sales agent ordering

Allow sales agents to login and place orders on behalf of specific B2B customers

Custom API for integrations

API access to build custom integrations for ERPs, CRMS, PIMs

Analytics and Segmentation

Ability to segment B2B orders and customers and to analyse data
The SparkLayer Dashboard

Automate & manage your B2B data.

The SparkLayer Dashboard is an online tool that gives you visibility of the B2B setup for your website. From managing your B2B pricing, setting up customer groups and associated rules, configuring B2B-shipping, through to managing your connections to your systems (such as eCommerce platform or ERP). You can even invite additional team members and add additional stores to your account.

Learn more
SparkLayer Dashboard

View B2B Order Activity

All orders that are placed via SparkLayer will appear in the dashboard and you can report on key metrics to monitor performance.

Manage your B2B data

Easily set up B2B pricing rules, configure customer groups, B2B-shipping, custom integrations, and much more.

Configure your store in easy steps

The self-service onboarding process means that you can be quickly up and running with SparkLayer.

Invite your team members

Invite your colleagues, technical integration partners, and anyone else with different access privileges.

Partner referral portal

For partners, easily add and manage your clients using SparkLayer and track your referral commission payments.

'Test' and 'Live' data mode

Set up multiple environments (e.g. for staging and production), letting you test SparkLayer with confidence.

Securely connecting to your data.

To visualise how SparkLayer connects, think of it as sitting outside your current systems architecture. It talks directly to your backend system (e.g. ERP, PIM) and your website, retrieves the B2B data it needs, and then enables the SparkLayer Frontend for your B2B customers to place orders. Learn more

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How SparkLayer works across your systems

Our commitment to security.

Keeping customer data safe and secure is a paramount to SparkLayer. We work hard to protect our customers and design our solution to use security-first principles.

  • Built on secure cloud infrastructure

    SparkLayer is built on modern cloud technologies. Utilising Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, we provide industry-leading scalability and performance.

  • Built to meet data standards

    We comply with industry regulations and standards to keep data safe. All SparkLayer customers have their own dedicated data storage, providing an additional layer of security.

  • Additional layers of protection

    All data is duplicated in multiple instances and backed up as an additional layer of protection. Within our infrastructure, data is fully encrypted by default, at rest and in transit.

SparkLayer Ignite
Looking to connect your custom systems?

SparkLayer Ignite is the B2B Commerce Framework that allows you to integrate any eCommerce platform with the power of SparkLayer. Learn more about how it works.

Questions & Answers.

ℹ️  General

What can I do with SparkLayer?

SparkLayer gives you an easy way to enable B2B (wholesale) on your existing website. You don't need to create a new store or spend time and money trying to customise your B2B experience. SparkLayer does all this for you and, once you're set up, you'll be able to:

- Enable custom pricing for your B2B customers
- Give your B2B customers a self-service ordering experience
- Accept B2B payments, such as "net payments" and "payment on account"
- Allow your sales team (sales reps) to place orders on behalf of B2B customers
- Configure more advanced pricing rules, such as pack sizing and quantity price price-breaks
- Enable rapid re-ordering, making it easy for your customers to repeat order
- Allow your B2B customers to save shopping lists
- Configure pre-ordering and back-ordering rules
- Allow your B2B customers to create company teams

And so much more! SparkLayer has over 100 B2B features right out of the box. Plus our team can get everything set up for you with our free onboarding service.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 14-day trial period to test the features of SparkLayer. The free trial starts when you've installed SparkLayer on your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify). If you need your trial extended, please contact us.

Do you have a demo store to test SparkLayer?

Yes! We've a variety of demo stores where you can test the feature-set of SparkLayer. Learn more

How do I sign up to SparkLayer?

To get started, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here. Alternatively, you can book a demo and we can run through how SparkLayer works.

Which eCommerce platforms and systems does SparkLayer integrate with?

SparkLayer works with Shopify and BigCommerce with more platforms coming soon! For Shopify, our officially approved 5-star rated SparkLayer Shopify App means you can integrate with SparkLayer with total confidence.

SparkLayer also integrates with a range of other systems, from payment gateways to multi-channel operations platforms. You can find our full list of integrations here.

How does SparkLayer compare to other B2B solutions?

A good question! There are many B2B solutions on the market and each offer a variety of benefits that may suit specific use-cases or customer types. Beyond functionality and features, there is one major benefit of SparkLayer that makes it compelling - you get to use your existing website and SparkLayer simply 'layers' on top (hence the name, SparkLayer!). Many other solutions are built as 'web portals' meaning customers have to use an entirely separate website. Whilst this may be useful, if you already have an existing website (e.g. for your DTC retail customers) or you use an eCommerce platform you're already familiar with, you'll need to manage multiple systems and tools which can add operational complexity.

We'd be happy to discuss this in more detail!

What support do you have and where are you based?

Our head office is located in the beautiful English city of Bath and our team is all based in close proximity. You can learn more about our story here! Since we're UK based, we typically operate our support on UK timezones (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm GMT) however we are able to accommodate specific requests should you require assistance outside of these hours. Please speak to our team and we'll be happy to advise.

For customers subscribed to our Enterprise plan, you'll get access to our 24/7 Support SLA and you can learn more here.

🛠️  Setup & Installation

Can you set up SparkLayer for me?

Yes! Once you sign up, you'll see an option to request our team to install SparkLayer for you. Typically we can do this within 1-2 working days. Learn more about setting up SparkLayer.

How do I enable SparkLayer on my store?

For Shopify and BigCommerce, you'll simply need to install our official Shopify or BigCommerce app and go through our simple onboarding process.

When your SparkLayer account is created, our online onboarding process guides you through all the elements of installing SparkLayer on your store and we're here to help if you require assistance.

You can also learn more about how onboarding works

How long does SparkLayer take to set up?

If you're using our built-in tools to manage your pricing and customers, it's possible to set up SparkLayer in a matter of hours (or less!). Our team is on-hand to guide you through the set up process and can even help set up on your Shopify store for you.

For most extensive integrations - typically merchants using our Enterprise plan that require backend connections - set up times vary and we'll work closely with you to create a full project plan.

Can I run my B2C store alongside my B2B store?

Yes! It's possible to install SparkLayer onto your existing B2C store (i.e. retail), meaning you can run both B2C and B2B on the same store. We call this a 'hybrid setup' and we've a guide here that explains how works.

When your B2B customers sign in, they simply see the special SparkLayer frontend widgets that allow them to see their prices and place orders.

Sometimes it can be better to separate out your B2B store onto a secondary Shopify store and we've detailed some of the common reasons.

Can I use SparkLayer on a custom platform?

Yes, providing you're able to integrate your platform with an external API. Learn more about the SparkLayer API

Do I manage my online product catalogue within SparkLayer?

No, the product catalogue and category management is done through your existing eCommerce platform. SparkLayer simply 'overlays' your existing product catalogue with the B2B-specific data such as product pricing and pack sizes. It does this by associating data to the specific product SKU behind-the-scenes and then showing the appropriate content to the customer.

Can I customise how the SparkLayer Frontend looks?

Yes, you're able to change styling such as fonts, colours (e.g. of buttons) and spacing easily via CSS to match your current eCommerce store and typically you can get SparkLayer to fit seamlessly with your website look and feel. You can learn more in our guide and watch our video to see some live examples!

Will SparkLayer slow my website down?

No. For performance, the SparkLayer Frontend only loads when a valid B2B customer successfully logs into a website; for your standard (B2C) customers, no code is loaded at all. When a B2B customer logs in, all loading of the interfaces is asynchronous which means a negligible impact on page load times and performance even though SparkLayer is a hosted third-party solution. The result is the end customer will have a rapid experience browsing products and placing orders.

Do I need to hire a developer to integrate the SparkLayer?

No! SparkLayer is really simple to install and we have full step-by-step instructions once you sign up. If you have access to your Shopify storefront theme, it's possible for anyone to do. If you like, we can even install for you if you require any assistance.

Does SparkLayer work across different devices?

Yes, SparkLayer is fully compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

⭐  Features

How do I learn more about the SparkLayer features?

You can learn all about the full feature-set of SparkLayer in our SparkLayer Docs.

How does SparkLayer compare to Shopify's own B2B solution?

A good question! It's important to note that "B2B on Shopify" is only available to Shopify Plus merchants and we've a full guide here on how it works and how it compares to using SparkLayer. You can also learn more about Shopify & SparkLayer here.

Does SparkLayer process payments?

No, SparkLayer does not handle payment processing and instead simply uses the payment methods set up within your eCommerce platform, e.g. Shopify. It's possible to set up both offline payment methods for your B2B customers (e.g. Pay on Account or Pay by Invoice) as well having them pay online via card. For more details, see our guide.

Do I need to have an ERP, PIM, CRM or iPaaS integration to use SparkLayer?

No. With our powerful import tools, you can configure pricing and customer rules all through the SparkLayer Dashboard without the need to have a backend system in place.

If you are looking to use a backend system, SparkLayer works by connecting directly to your central data sources to retrieve your B2B data. If you're using an iPaaS solution (integration platform as a service), SparkLayer can connect directly to this instead, negating the need to connect to an ERP directly.

If you have the technical expertise, the SparkLayer API lets you connect to any system and we also have a range of 'ready-made' integrations. You can find our full list of integrations here.

I have an ERP integration already, will SparkLayer work with it?

The short answer, it depends! If your online store is already connected to your ERP system, there's a good chance that no further integration work is required to connect SparkLayer. When orders are placed via SparkLayer, they'll simply be created like any other which your ERP system can then subsequently import. The same also applies to product stock data, SparkLayer will use stock levels already available on your eCommerce store. If you're looking for a more in-depth integration, such as synchronising B2B pricing, this would require an integration and you can learn more here.

Can I create custom price lists within SparkLayer?

Yes. Within the SparkLayer Dashboard, you can manually create price lists and upload pricing data for each one you create. You can learn more here

Can I automate B2B pricing, e.g. a discount off my store's retail prices?

Yes. SparkLayer's powerful pricing engine lets you create automated rules for your B2B price lists. For example, if you're using Shopify, you can easily set up a B2B price list that applies 20% off your Shopify prices. You can learn more here

How do I see what features are coming to SparkLayer?

You can see what's planned for SparkLayer in our quarterly roadmap. You can also see our latest feature updates in our What's New page!

💰  Pricing

How much does SparkLayer cost?

Please refer to our pricing for more details.

How does pricing work for the Enterprise plan?

As with the Starter, Growth, and Pro plans, we charge a fixed monthly fee that's based on a number of considerations:

- Projected sales volumes
- Required number of sales agents
- Complexity of backend systems (e.g. ERP or WMS system)
- Complexity of storefront implementation
- Extent of ongoing support required

The Enterprise plan also comes with a full end-to-end onboarding process overseen by our expert team. This process includes scoping your requirements, installation and configuration on your storefront, assisting in data migration, connecting your backend systems, and launching SparkLayer.

For Enterprise customers, we're also able to offer an annual plan at a discounted rate.

What counts as a B2B order?

We only count orders that are placed via SparkLayer towards your monthly total, i.e. B2B orders. If you're using SparkLayer on a Shopify store that also accepts retail orders (i.e. B2C), those orders will not count towards the monthly total.

How do I sign up and install SparkLayer?

To get started, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here. Alternatively, you can Book a Demo and we can run through how SparkLayer works.

Once you've installed this on your Shopify store, our Onboarding Process then guides you through all the steps to get SparkLayer up and running: from setting up B2B price lists and customer groups, to installing special code snippets within your Shopify storefront theme. You can even use our ready-made Shopify B2B theme and get up and running in less than 5 minutes!

If you have more bespoke requirements and the Enterprise plan sounds more suitable, our team will walk you through the onboarding process.

Are there contracts or commitments?

For the Starter, Growth, and Pro plans there are no contracts and you can cancel your account at any time from within the SparkLayer Dashboard. For the Enterprise plan, we typically establish a longer agreement term based on your requirements and this can discussed in more detail with our team.

What happens if I go over the order limits?

For the Starter, Growth, and Pro plans, there are limits on the maximum number of orders that can be placed via SparkLayer. SparkLayer treats each individual order on your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) as an order, and even if you subsequently cancel or refund it, it will still contribute towards the total.

If you do exceed the monthly limit, SparkLayer will still continue to function as normal however our team will contact you to discuss whether or not you'd be better suited to an alternative monthly plan.

Are there transaction fees for manual B2B payment methods?

No. Manual payment methods (such as "Payment on Invoice" or "Request a Quote") are processed as manual payment methods within Shopify and are not subject to their standard transaction fees. If your B2B customers do choose to pay online (i.e. via card payment), those will be subject to your existing Shopify transaction fees.

Do I get charged in US Dollars?

Due to SparkLayer tightly integrating with platforms that charge in US Dollars, such Shopify and Shopify Plus, you'll be billed in the same currency to make reconcilation more straightforward.

How do you charge me each month?

The SparkLayer charges can be found within the billing section of the SparkLayer Dashboard and you'll get a full breakdown of how your charges are calculated. For Shopify stores, you'll automatically be billed via Shopify each month via their own billing system.

Do you have pricing plans for high-volume, low-value ordering?

Yes. We're happy to discuss special pricing if your B2B operation processes a high-volume of low-value orders. Please contact us for more information.